Sponsorship and Interview Opportunity Descriptions and Fees

January 17 - 20, 2020 | Norcross, Georgia, USA

Download and print the Sponsorship Information Packet for complete information and an order form

Below is a list of all Interview, Career Fair and Sponsorship Opportunities with pricing and general information.

For more information about any of these, contact: Shane Holt at +352-333-3345 or [email protected]

Interview Opportunities

Interview & Career Fair Package  

Package Includes:

Extra Interview Booth Personnel
$150 each       


Get an Extra Interview Booth (or Booths)
$500 each


Sponsorship Opportunities*

*Must purchase an Interview and Career Fair Package

Evening Event - $10,000 (Exclusive)

Student attendees will participate in an evening event, intended for networking and entertainment in a private, designated space. This is a perfect opportunity for your company to have premium exposure and welcome the students to the city. Past events have included visiting an aquarium, a bowling party, and a casino night.


Branded Premium Items - $6,500 per item (Exclusive)

Students love two things – food and free gifts! Your branded premium item (water bottles and t-shirts have been given in the past) will have a life with the students long after the Summit has ended.


Student Breakroom - $5,000 (Exclusive)

After a busy day of learning, students can gather in the Student Breakroom to mingle and hang out.


Sunday Speaker Lunch - $5,000 (Exclusive)

Take a few minutes to talk to the students about a topic of interest to them: sustainability, the future of the industry, or soft skills such as leadership or good communication.


Breakfast - $2,500 (Sunday or Monday; $4,500/each)

Help the students start the day off right with a hearty breakfast.


Coffee Break - $2,500 (Saturday or Sunday)

Get your name in front of students while they grab a cup of coffee and a snack.


Engineering Competition - $2,500 (Exclusive)

The Engineering Competition is always a major highlight of the Summit. Organized by a team of students, attendees are given a challenge to solve using only the materials they are given. It is always amazing to see how each group approaches the same challenge.


TAPPI Trivia Game - $2,000 (Exclusive)

The 2nd Annual TAPPI Trivia Game is sure to create a buzz. This pub-style competition pits student teams against each other in a race to see how much they know about the industry.


Lanyards - $2,000 (Exclusive)

Be seen through the entire summit with this sponsorship.


Notepads and Pens - $1,500 (Exclusive)

Go old school! Provide notepads and pens for Summit attendees to use throughout the weekend.


Printing and Charging Station - $1,500 (Exclusive)

Give students the opportunity to print more resumes, charge devices, and check emails. TAPPI will provide a printer and charging station for students to use throughout the Summit.


Mobile Event App - $1,000 (up to 3 sponsors)

Technology allows students and attendees to connect and communicate during Student Summit through a mobile app. The event app includes the conference agenda, speaker information, and opportunities for interaction.


Company Named Sponsored Travel Stipends - $500 (increments)

Students often rely on their school to fund their travel to Student Summit, but group budgets can be tight, forcing students to pay out-of-pocket. Help cover their costs by sponsoring travel stipends.


Student Prizes and Gift Cards - $25 (increments)

Provide cash prizes and gift cards to be awarded throughout the Student Summit, increasing the students’ engagement during the event.